The best response to this book is the objective record of the Abbott government.

After fighting Labor to a draw in 2010 and winning a strong majority in 2013, the Abbott government substantially delivered on its commitments.

The boats were stopped. The carbon tax and the mining tax were repealed. Three free trade agreements that had languished for years were finalised. Infrastructure got underway, including the western Sydney airport that had been talked about for 50 years. Our country was kept safe. And a strong start was made to the vital task of budget repair.

A dysfunctional opposition couldn’t win an election and a dysfunctional government couldn’t have got so much done in just two years.

That said, I‘m not in the business of raking over old coals nor am I in the business of responding to scurrilous gossip and smear. Apart from being a good local MP, my focus is on the election of the Turnbull government because Australia needs prudent, frugal, competent government – not an unreconstructed Labor Party with its five new taxes.