Let's Make Australia Work Again

"We need to give the public something to hope for; we need to give our own people something to fight for."
- Tony Abbott

A plan to win the next election

Fix the Parliament.

Reform the senate – make it a house of review, not a house of rejection – to end the gridlock and make Australia work again.

Live within our means.

Stop all new and frivolous spending to fix the budget and stop ripping off our grandchildren.

Take the pressure off power prices.

End further subsidies of intermittent and unreliable energy.

Make housing more affordable.

By scaling back immigration to migrants who can make a contribution from day one.

Make Australia safe.

Keep Jihadis off the streets. Stop hate-preachers.
Make better use of the armed forces. Let police shoot-to-kill to save innocent lives.

Celebrate Australia -
don’t run it down.

End funding for bully bureaucracies and welcome straight talking.


"There is no limit to what Australia can achieve."

- Tony Abbott, May 1994